A Girl Can Dream

Love the simple striped outdoor rug and bright white flowers. So cheery!

As we tour places in a few of our favorite Boston neighborhoods, we are determined to locate a home that has a lovely bit of outdoor space. Doesn’t need to be extensive (although that would be awesome), just a place for some chairs, little dining table, a grill, and maybe a cute garden. After attending a roof deck party this Saturday, patios have been been on the brain even more. These beautiful balcony spots are heavenly and what better way to start a spring Sunday than a nice mimosa + magazine combo out in the sunshine!

I’ll have my breakfast on this balcony, please.

Perfect spot for two.

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  1. There’s a 2BR for sale next door to me on the hill, we looked at it Saturday & it had great outdoor space but only 900 sf total living space. I loved it but John is holding out for more SF. Ill email you the link!

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