Art Collecting 101

As promised … Here are a few tips I always try to implement when assisting a client in the process of building a thoughtful and meaningful art collection. Remember it’s not only important to have the piece aesthetically make sense in the room, but you also want to take the necessary steps to preserve the work as well, regardless of its investment status. With that said, lets dive right in!

1. Framing should always be … simple. You never want the frame to distract from the art itself, it’s important to make sure it compliments the work and adds to the piece’s visual value. More times than not I suggest going with a sleek white gallery frame with a substantial 4-ply mat.

2. Sun protection is a must. Sun damage can significantly diminish the value of a piece, especially if the work contains darker areas that will likely fade with exposure to harsh rays. That’s why anti-reflective glass is a painting’s best friend, I promise you it’s worth the cost.

3. Little bit lower, please. Often people make the mistake of installing work too high, hang pieces on the lower side so that people of every height can enjoy and appreciate it.  Also, before you’re done installing, make sure the art is at a comfortable height for seated guests as well.

Hope these pointers come in handy! 

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