Art Exhibition // 01

With the start of March taking place this past weekend, I thought it would be a good time to introduce a new series that will pop up on the first Monday of each month. I’m going to be putting together a themed monthly art exhibition. I figured it was a nice way to jump start the month and begin the week with some beautiful eye candy. Check out the first installment!

As the sun begins to grow stronger and days are longer, I’m getting ready to bring out my pastel colored denim and fun printed tops. While I have cool colors on the brain, I hope you enjoy these compositions! Happy Monday. 

Image / Image / Image / Image

2 Responses to Art Exhibition // 01

  1. I am so ready for spring in every possible way! I love the pieces you selected, they are all so different yet coordinate together perfectly. I can’t wait to have wall space so you can help add some color in my life!

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