I jumped at the chance to meet her next time I was visiting my parents and so the date was set. We planned to indulge in fresh homemade scones (Katherine is the epitome of hospitable and a talented baker) and a detailed dialogue of her most recent work. I’m thrilled to say she was as warm and inviting as I had imagined and my passion for her paintings grew as I experienced them in person. Join me in taking a little trip down to Georgia through katherine’s abstract landscapes!

I really like the gold + teal layering shown in (the woods) G. 

Medium of choice? I choose based on the problem or job at hand. The concept tells me whether I need paper, fabric, watercolor, acrylics, oil, recycled materials or some combination. I do have colored pencils in my bag, in my car and in almost every room in the house. A bowl of paints waits ready in the dining room.

One colour that seems to make its way into each painting? It’s always been blue. Prussian blue counted as a mainstay for years, but I’m so very revolutionary, I’ve moved on to “turquoise deep”.

The bright orange sky of (the beach) G instantly reminds me of the sunset I witnessed at Cuttyhunk Island recently.

City that inspires you most and why? Anywhere, I love to walk a city. It doesn’t matter the size or what it supposedly has to offer, I’ll find something I’ve always needed. The big “however” is that Savannah is my home and remains my steadfast and loyal informant. Each day I document some person, place, history from this magical and ever shifting plain. My work would not exist, at least as it is, without my living here.

Museum / gallery exhibit you’re dying to see? It’s all informative, amusing and challenging at any level, but 1. SFMOMA, Oakland Museum of Bay Area Abstract Expressionists 2. Family Collections: Lobell, Phillips, Rubell.

Katherine does a great job of creating a sense of movement and space in her piece (vonnice series) dorothy. I’m also crazy about the sliver of bright red orange that pops out.  

Cocktail with any artist? Italian wines with Peggy Guggenheim (best curator / character ever). Pomegranate spritzer with Cat Stevens (let’s not talk, you just play / sing), S. Pellegrino with John Mellencamp (he doesn’t drink, they say).

Work with music on? Yes, with an emphasis on artists from the lower United States, Central and South America.

5 words to describe your work? personal, universal, quirky, exuberant, singular

Katherine is generous enough to offer Colour Bloc readers a special 20% off on, just type in “CBLOC” to receive the sweet deal!

Thank you so much, Katherine for sharing your inspirational interview and beautiful paintings. I’m looking forward to catching up on what you’ve done recently next time I’m down South!

Lastly, jump over to Life on the Squares to view Colour Bloc’s feature (don’t forget to enter to win a free maxi!) 


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