Artist Obsession : James Verbicky

This past Saturday afternoon, M and I made our way over to DTR Modern to check out the new exhibition, Off the Wall : Lagemann & Verbicky. Although I thought Lagemann’s stainless steel sculptures were interesting and played off of Verbicky’s work nicely, I was (naturally) most impressed with James Verbicky’s bright collages. The way he layers strips of magazine sheets reminds me of quite possibly the most beautiful roof shingles ever. I’m most drawn to the sections that are purely color and pattern and have great appreciation for his skill of combining and layering both elegantly. Take a look at some of my favorites from the show, and if you’re in Boston, the show is up until April 26! 

This diptych would look nice in a more neutral living room. If you wanted to get really creative, you could pull out the patterns in the piece for pillows on the sofa.

I like the intentional blocks of color in this one, I learned the artist uses vegetable oil to enhance the colors. So unique!

This one is especially sculptural to me, Verbicky did a great job of creating depth with the illusion of woven strips in the center.

* Images from DTR Modern Exhibitions page

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  1. LOVE Verbicky’s work! I first saw it in person at the Palm Spring Fine Art Fair and fell completely in love with the way he composes the graphic elements within each collage and his color compositions are out of this world. Easily one of my favorite artists of the show.

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