Blue Suede Sofa

One of my favorite combinations, light and dark. I love that rug too.

The more I think about our new home, the more excited I get about decorating some of my favorite rooms. I know most of our time will be spent in our new living room and I love the idea of having two couches to create a cozy feel. I’m thinking one will be a deep navy blue and one will be a creme color. I’ve also been drawn to the idea of jazzing the room up with a textured, patterned rug. Check out some of my inspiration for the space! 

I like how this particular room is framed with couches.

I like how minimal the composition of this living space is. The hide rug adds a nice warmth to the room.

That rug and chair are both amazing.

I like the presence of graphic elements in this space.
Image / Image / Image / Image / Image

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