Brrr It’s Cold Out There

Dark skinnies + black booties + chambray + fur vest + big black coat

Recently, Karli, and I were discussing how hard it is to dress at night for weather in the teens (ouch!). We agreed we both spend way too much time figuring out what will look cute without getting frostbite. I figured we can’t be the only ladies having the problem, so I found a few images I thought would be perfect inspiration for the bitter temperatures. Enjoy! 

Monochromatic ensemble with statement necklace, this outfit would look cute with dark denim skinnies and a navy sweater too.


embellished sweater + chunky bracelets + black (or denim) jeggings + black coat + black boots

Image / Image / Image

4 Responses to Brrr It’s Cold Out There

  1. I discussed this same topic with my best friend over a glass of wine recently. We came to the conclusion that having one coat limits your options even further because technically you will have two outfits ideally: one that looks good with your coat on, the other that looks good with the coat off. That just brought the whole discussion to another level ;)
    I love the second outfit picture a lot though! So chic!

  2. K says:

    Perfect post for me! Thanks for doing that :)
    Love all of the ideas…let me shop in your closet??

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