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Paint Things

Jessica Stockholder is the ultimate paint manipulator. I’m really thrilled that it’s finally time for the show PAINT THINGS to go up (launches Sunday, the 27th)! It’s no surprise in the year 2013 artists are expanding the use of paint to … jump to the next bloc

All I want For Christmas

Kinda in love with this Xochi Solis‘ luscious, bright mixed media painting. I mean look at the beautifully layered organic shapes. I love the way it consumes the wall in this image, simply breathtaking.  Image

Terra Incognita

I recently stumbled upon a new favorite photographer … Steve Back. These gorgeous aerial shots are taken over three years in remote parts of Australia. I love the richness of colour and ambiguous nature of his shots. While reading about … jump to the next bloc

From The Artist’s Eye

sky-candy found at PULSE Contemporary Art Fair in Miami Since I missed Miami’s rendition of Art Basel this year (boo!), I asked the wonderfully talented artist Katherine Sandoz, to share some details from her art filled adventure. Enjoy a peek … jump to the next bloc

Bookmark it : curate 1k

Over the summer I wrote a guest post for the lovely Tamra of Ever Swoon on gifting artwork and it seemed like a relevant topic to revisit this time of year! I recently stumbled upon this website called curate 1k and thought it was the … jump to the next bloc