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James Turrell

Breathing Light, 2013 James Turrell is one of the most influential Southern California-based artists during the Light and Space movement. His pieces continue to shape how observers see minimal light installations. I always enjoy having the opportunity to see his work … jump to the next bloc

Florals to Art // 01

I thought Valentine’s Day was a good time to introduce a new floral themed series I’ve been working on (and am pretty excited about). Bloggers often compare clothing and interiors to art, but I haven’t seen someone do florals and … jump to the next bloc

Snowed In?

Searching for fun, entertaining reads on this snowy weekend?! Look no further! Check out the new February Framework Magazine, this months issue is all about “things we love” and naturally I wrote about my favorite art history movement. Take a … jump to the next bloc

Emerald on Top

Ellsworth Kelly’s simple plant drawing When I first heard that Emerald was named Pantone’s color of the year for 2013 I was over the moon. Nothing is more spectacular than a lovely, elegant jewel tone. I’m looking forward to wearing … jump to the next bloc

Paint Things

Jessica Stockholder is the ultimate paint manipulator. I’m really thrilled that it’s finally time for the show PAINT THINGS to go up (launches Sunday, the 27th)! It’s no surprise in the year 2013 artists are expanding the use of paint to … jump to the next bloc