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I heart Blogshop

Look what I made!  This weekend I took Angela and Bri’s Photoshop class, Blogshop, and would definitely recommend it for any blogger (or small business owner) looking to learn from the pros. Although I went into the class familiar with … jump to the next bloc

IFB Update

Salzer’s patterned pants and lavender pumps are fierce! I spent last Wednesday and Thursday in Manhattan attending IFB’s February conference. Working from home each day can be lonely, and so it was nice to partake in a conference where I … jump to the next bloc

All In The Details

I’m excited to announce my home is featured today on The Glitter Guide (someone please pinch me!). Make sure you head over to GG to check out the images + complete interview. I wanted to also share a few shots … jump to the next bloc

Heard it Through the vine

Seems like an appropriate reminder … There has been a great deal of chatter around the new, booming video app Vine. If you’re not in the loop (no pun intended), the app allows you to record little 6 second videos with … jump to the next bloc

DIY Holidays

Thankfully this weekend will not be spent wrapping presents, but if you’re someone who is a bit last minute with gifts, I’ve rounded up some fun + easy DIY inspired treats to get you through the end of the holiday … jump to the next bloc