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Snowed In?

Searching for fun, entertaining reads on this snowy weekend?! Look no further! Check out the new February Framework Magazine, this months issue is all about “things we love” and naturally I wrote about my favorite art history movement. Take a … jump to the next bloc

Paint Things

Jessica Stockholder is the ultimate paint manipulator. I’m really thrilled that it’s finally time for the show PAINT THINGS to go up (launches Sunday, the 27th)! It’s no surprise in the year 2013 artists are expanding the use of paint to … jump to the next bloc

Fun Little Saturday

The talented Casey of Hello Love Photography captured the most beautiful images from the shoot. I’m excited to finally be able to share the details of a fun + fabulous photo shoot M and I participated in last month … I … jump to the next bloc

All I want For Christmas

Kinda in love with this Xochi Solis‘ luscious, bright mixed media painting. I mean look at the beautifully layered organic shapes. I love the way it consumes the wall in this image, simply breathtaking.  Image


I’m excited to share that my name was added to Boston Common Magazine‘s “The List” (page 50) in its most recent December / January issue. “The List” is basically a shout out to people who Boston Common recognize as doing … jump to the next bloc