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Take Me Away

With every new season comes a new and inspiring Loeffler Randall shoe and handbag collection, and this upcoming spring is no different. I absolutely had to share the latest and hottest LR spring items because the collection is inspired by … jump to the next bloc

Soaking Up Sunshine

As I’m sure you can tell by now, we don’t stay still for too long. This past month, in particular, has been especially crazy with travel. I’m looking forward to relaxing and taking the time to thoroughly enjoy our new … jump to the next bloc

Twist On The Classics

Chambray Top  / Pearl Studs / Grey Boots / Rose Gold Watch / Black Leather & Wool Jacket Here are a few items that are currently in my daily rotation. I’m loving everyone of these pieces and lusting over that … jump to the next bloc

Artist Obsession : Monique Van Genderen

I’m sure by now it’s pretty obvious that I have a mild obsession with brightly colored abstract artwork. Monique Van Genderen’s large scale, beautiful paintings are the latest pieces to steal my heart. The layers upon layers of oil paint … jump to the next bloc

Opening Exhibit : Nick Cave At The ICA

How amazing are Nick Cave’s sculptures?! Artist Nick Cave first impressed the art world with his amazing talent and intricate pieces when his part-costume, part-sculpture “Soundsuits” were shot for Harper BAZAAR’s September 2012 issue.  If you haven’t seen this photo shoot, … jump to the next bloc