Colorfully Chic

I like how the room is instantly more relaxing with the addition of the cozy rug.

I know I’ve posted about Bri’s fabulous office space before, but her living room makeover is to die for! With the help of the wonderfully talented Emily Henderson, Bri was able to totally transform the room into a fun place to relax. The mixture of vintage / contemporary pieces and brights / neutrals make it the ultimate inspiration for our new place. Although I’m assuming our big furniture items will stay in a more neutral palette, I’m looking forward to adding pieces from different cultures and moments in history. Check this space out! 

I can’t get enough of the wood and white combo, it’s so fresh.

I like the idea of having a lounge chair in the corner of the living room, adds to the cozy vibe.

I believe it’s important to invest in a dining table you’ll love for decades to come.


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