Creating a Collection

I’ve got the concept of layering on the brain recently, pretty sure it’s safe to say it’s from fall clothing. Anyways, I have taken to layering small paintings on the shelves above my work area to create a cozy environment. In my opinion, it’s a design concept that works really well in a variety of spaces; office desk, bathroom shelf, kitchen nook. With that said, here are a few guide lines I’d follow when approaching the concept of layering artwork :

 Keep it simple. Either stick to the same colour scheme or medium. I think layering black + white images could look really slick with a bright yellow frame. I’m always in favor of a pop of colour!

 Layer in sets of threes or fives. To avoid looking too matchy-matchy or too purposeful stick with an odd number of pieces. This is a great rule for design in general!

 Play around with scale. Make the collection unpredictable, by collaging larger pieces with smaller ones. You want there to be some commonality, just not identical.

I’d love to see your own versions of layering. Email me pictures! 

Image 1 / Image 2 / Image 3

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