Exhibits : Amy Sillman

Amy Sillman. Big Girl, 2006

I’m so thrilled to share that Boston’s ICA will be showing the first museum survey of New York based painter Amy Sillman, titled one lump or two.  The exhibition shares an overview of the artist’s career over the past two decades and displays nearly 100 pieces.

Sillman was a great inspiration for me when painting during my time at Museum School and I look forward to seeing her drawings and paintings in person. I’ve always been mesmorized by her vibrant color palettes and her personal take on the abstract expressionist movement.

One lump or two is going on October 3rd, 2013 to January 5th, 2014. This is one not to be missed! 

Amy Sillman. Complex Space, 2007

Amy Sillman. Them, 2006

Amy Sillman. Purple Thing, 2007

Amy Sillman. Psychology Today, 2007


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