Few of my favorite things

For the colour enthusiast : 

 Pantone – The 20th Century in Color is the ideal book for the person who takes a trip to the hardware store simply to check out the paint chip aisle. The same person who does “research” before finding the perfect shade of blue to paint their bedroom.

 My next coffee table book purchase will most likely be Paris In Color. This book does an outstanding job of creating the perfect European mental vacation.

For the cooking queen : 

 If you’re not a follower of Sprouted Kitchen blog, then you need to jump on that A.S.A.P! I follow this blog not only for the recipes, but for the beautifully documented photographs (I’m making this salad this week). I was so excited to find out that Sara was coming out with a cookbook, it’s the perfect addition to my collection.

 I like the innovative concept behind My Berlin Kitchen, a novel + cookbook all in one. Can’t wait to pick this up when it becomes available next month!

For the globetrotter :

 I have always been a fan of NYT’s 36 Hours Series and acquired the book soon after it came out. The blue cover adds a nice splash of colour to a neutral space, it’s also fun to go through and check off places you’ve visited (or map out a new adventure)! I may have to get the European version next!

 I’m loving anything and everything inspired by Parisian style these days, and my book selection is no different. I’ve had my eye on the postcard box version of this book for quite some time and was delighted to discover it was made into a book!

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