Florals to Art // 01

I thought Valentine’s Day was a good time to introduce a new floral themed series I’ve been working on (and am pretty excited about). Bloggers often compare clothing and interiors to art, but I haven’t seen someone do florals and art. Here’s my stab at it!

I recently discovered Stephen Ormandy’s large scale paintings and haven’t stopped thinking about them. I love the combination of simple geometric shapes and unexpected color relationships. I think his work is a great compliment to this beautifully whimsical floral arrangement, with the lovely pops of fuchsia and orange.

I hope everyone is getting a bouquet this unique today! 

4 Responses to Florals to Art // 01

  1. I love this new feature – that bouquet is stunning & now I want that art piece! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. K says:

    happy valentines tweet-a-loo
    ill share you with M, but be mine too :)

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