Florals to Art // 06

This floral arrangement embodies everything I love in one piece; mixture of textures, combination of large + small flowers, bright summery colors, and the addition of natural elements. I took a flower arranging class last week and have been daydreaming of interesting arrangements ever since. Although the painting to the right may be too modern for a lot of people, the minimal lines feel soothing to me. I love the detail of the peachy red frame, brings it all together for me.

 Image / Image

2 Responses to Florals to Art // 06

  1. i love both the art & the floral. It reminds me of some of the blooms we used! I think we need more flower arranging events, so fun!

  2. becca says:

    I love how the two together work so well. The simplicity in the painting is welcomed with the detail in the florals.

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