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sky-candy found at PULSE Contemporary Art Fair in Miami

Since I missed Miami’s rendition of Art Basel this year (boo!), I asked the wonderfully talented artist Katherine Sandoz, to share some details from her art filled adventure. Enjoy a peek into her itinerary! 

Read, Set, Go ! 

Load up on breakfast – I enjoyed the vibe at Enriqueta’s and its close proximity to the fairs. Make sure you start your long day running on a “full” tank!

detail from Cayce Zavaglia‘s piece “The Welkers”, 1-ply cotton & silk embroidery thread, 2010 (Lyons Wier Gallery)

Browse the fairs – The galleries show from all over the world and have really upped their game this year. Many booths are carefully and specifically curated and the staff are highly educated in their trade. They can field questions relating to the particular work, the artist’s biography, process, studio practice and many have art historians on hand who are prepared to give you a mini master class on site.

I usually bring a small notebook to jot notes, but this year, I mostly wrote on my iPhone. I spotted Tina Fey taking copious notes in a spiral bound. Also, I tend to go with a bigger tote to lug around gallery business cards and pamphlets.

Thinking about some of the artwork on view is a lot like religious doctrine.  You will have questions.  Your faith in the work and its declared or implied absoluteness may waiver.  If you choose not to dig that deep, people watching will turn into your favorite pastime. No better place than at an art fair!

Awesome wall collaboration between Matt Hebermehl, Jose Ray, and Adolfo Hernandez at Wynwood, 2012

Snack / Cocktail Hour - Around 3, step into one of the garden terrace’s at the fairs and enjoy an afternoon pick-me-up. The cafés are set up and staffed for all of your dining needs.

Artsy Afternoon - Spend the afternoon attending an artist lecture or watching a documentary. Take time to visit one of the family collections (this is a must!) : Rubell, Margulies, de la Cruz.

Meet Friends for Supper – Choose by reputation, type of food, environment or proximity to your late night plans. These include more art openings, meet & greets, screenings and hi-jinx, star-studded, elbow rubbing events at some of the more fabulous homes and hotels in the city. Keep your eyes and ears open; invitations flow.

Thank you Katherine for the bit of insight into Miami’s Art Basel. I can’t wait to join you next year for the inspiration and excitement! 

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