Gallery Wall Perfection

Neutrals for days and I love it.

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Ali Cayne’s renovated West Village apartment in the latest Domino Magazine was absolutely killer. Although she obviously took a page out of Jenna Lyon’s Brooklyn brownstone, the home was stunning none the less.

When a potential client asked me this week to assist in helping her recreate this stunning gallery wall, I jumped at the opportunity and have been brainstorming for days. Although I’m not going to give away any ideas for sourcing, I will share a few tips to recreating this type of wall on your own.

1. Map out and measure exactly where you want each item to go on a sheet of paper before you attach anything to wall. You want the gallery wall to look thoughtful and intentional.

2. The one thing that bugs me about this gallery wall, is the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any breathing room for your eye. It appears a bit cluttered, I’d like to see more open space. It’s important to let each piece get a moment to shine.

3. Especially when using all neutrals, you want to make sure a variety of mediums are being represented. Pick out some abstract paintings, line drawings, and black and white photographs to add a nice mix to the wall. 

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