Huge fan of these glittered acorns.

I’ve been thinking about this post all month …  Should I write about what I’m grateful for? Is that expected? Should the post be lighthearted? Maybe I’ll showcase a twist on a Thanksgiving classic dish?

This time of year people always talk about showing gratitude towards (in no particular order) family, health, friends, and significant others. Although I’m definitely appreciative of those big picture pieces in my life, I wanted to write about something a bit more out of the box. With that said, I’m taking a minute to reflect + acknowledge the little things in life that usually go unnoticed.

I’m grateful for :

Hand-written notes, the simplest of gestures can often mean the most.

Airplanes and their promise to bring travelers to a new place or a very familiar one.

Fresh flowers and the warmth + cheer they add to a home.

iPhone,  and the ability it gives to connect with a loved one instantly.

Lengthy “To Do” lists and the growing opportunities that follow completing each task.

What extraordinary parts of life are you appreciating this Thanksgiving? 

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  1. K says:

    you! as i do every year!

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