At the start of the class, the teacher joked that if you’ve taken your camera out of the cardboard box and turned it on then this class was perfect for you. He was right, it was thorough but easy to follow and comprehend. I learned a lot of tricks for using the specific settings (some of which I didn’t even know existed) and great tips on the Art of Photography in general.

I’m going to share a few pointers so next time you go on vacation or attempt to capture a special moment at a wedding, you will feel more confident when you go to “click” the shoot button!

 First step to capturing a great photograph is making sure you get the composition right. It’s important to focus on filling the frame with the subject, instead of the details. For example, decide if you want the couple to be the focus or the background. Make sure to shoot accordingly.

 When taking a snap of people, it’s most aesthetically pleasing to either capture the individual (or group) from chest to head or feet to head. It’s awkward to have a picture cut off at someone’s knees. With that said, the most flattering pictures of people are taken from either eye level or a bit above, never below.

 If you’re taking a picture of a sunset, it’s best to shoot it with either mostly sky or mostly the space below the horizon line (ocean, mountain, city, etc.). If the reflection of the rays in the ocean are particularly beautiful, have that be the focus. Lastly, best outdoor shots are captured between the golden hours (1 hour before sunrise and 1 hour after sunset).

Remember these quick tips next time you go to take your snazzy camera (or iPhone) out on vacation. Hopefully you will have less photos to delete once you return home! 

3 Responses to HAPPY SNAPPING

  1. Olivia says:

    Great tips forcomposition, mels! Just as important as exposure in my opinion :)

  2. SnappyCamper says:

    Cool tips! I like the golden hours rule..

  3. Cindy Edwards says:

    Loving your blog!!! Great topics and information.

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