Hidden Gem : Steven Alan

Sun hat / Cut-off jean shorts / My new little striped number

Here is the second hot spot in my series of fun hidden gems around Boston. Last month I freaked out when I discovered that Steven Alan was popping up in Back Bay, my old neighborhood. His cool, effortless vibe is contagious and one that is definitely missing in this lovely city. Yesterday evening I decided to pay the store a visit and boy, was I impressed. Not only are his designs so classic and easy to mix into your current wardrobe, but his new store concept reminds of the department store, Barney’s. He displays a wall of his own line, as well as an eclectic mix of complimentary designers and accessories. I loved hearing the stories behind the candle and shoe designer as well. Every piece is so unique and a meaningful addition to the space.

Naturally, I left with an adorable striped frock that I’ll probably prance around in this weekend. I know I’ll definitely be back to visit soon!  

2 Responses to Hidden Gem : Steven Alan

  1. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely have to pop by and check out the store!

    X Kenzie


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