Home Update

We’re currently loving calming blues and greys in the master.

It seems like it has been a while since I’ve given you an update on the progress of our new home. A lot has changed in the last few months … Phase 1 furniture orders for our bedroom, living room, and kitchen have officially been placed (Eeeeek!) and our kitchen / office renovation has been progressing nicely over the last 3 weeks. With the physical update comes updated inspirational images too. Originally we had agreed to go with a more minimalist approach to home design, but I think we’re quickly realizing that although that approach sounds lovely in theory, it’s not as realistic as we were hoping. We’re meeting halfway, by aiming to create a peaceful environment that has all of our necessities, functions properly, yet remains clutter free. Here is some of our latest visual inspiration. Enjoy! 

We’re leaning towards a more dressy dining nook.

We’re shifting to a more open concept kitchen, which I’m really excited about. Perfect opportunity to show off our new home items.

Image / Image / Image

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