I heart Blogshop

Look what I made! 

This weekend I took Angela and Bri’s Photoshop class, Blogshop, and would definitely recommend it for any blogger (or small business owner) looking to learn from the pros. Although I went into the class familiar with the program, it was interesting to see the ladies use the tools in some unexpected ways. You’ll be seeing some new snazzy textured collages, mood boards and fun filters in the upcoming posts … Get excited!

Also, by the end of the week, you’ll be noticing more minor changes around here (including a new, fancy homepage!). There will be a bit of rearranging, adding a few details and a more thoughtful focus around organization and routine. Can’t wait to get your feedback on the updated look! 

2 Responses to I heart Blogshop

  1. Okay I think you might have convinced me that the next time they’re in Boston I should give it a try — I wish I had come to the one that you and Heidi were at!

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