Interior Envy : Hotel San Jose

Clean lines and an interesting color palette complete this bedroom

A few weeks ago we left for a long weekend and flew down to Austin, Texas. Neither of us had ever visited this uniquely cool city and I’m happy we finally took the trip! We had an amazing vacation filled with delicious food, funky shops, excellent company and the warm sunshine! One of my favorite details of the trip was staying at Hotel San Jose, which was recommended by a friend. I can’t possibly rave enough about the design and minimal décor of our hotel room. The space felt cozy, yet simple. I love that combination and will definitely be scrolling through this post when designing out next abode. 

I love the pillows, possibly Jon Robshaw designs?

I think our next dining area will have a long rectangular wood farmer’s table and white Eames chairs.

I believe everyday should involve bubbly.

These leather lounge chairs would be perfect for a little patio. Lovely little details.


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