Jerry’s Map

Here the artist adjusts a panel to complete this stage of his impressive piece.

One of my favorite Berkshires activities was visiting the enormous contemporary museum, Mass MoCA. I was really excited to find out that the museum was hosting a live exhibition surrounding Jerry Gretzinger’s map installation. Jerry first started doodling images (when he found himself bored at his day job) of places he hadn’t visited (specifically Paris and London), but had thoroughly dreamt of. The sketchbook rapidly grew and Jerry’s drawn panels developed into a large 2,000 square foot grid. The composition continues to morph as he re-works certain panels daily. This on going process is very fascinating to me.

Doesn’t the installation look like a distorted Google Map satellite picture?

A detailed shot of the amazingness that is Jerry’s Map. Check out the bold colours + collaged pieces from the outer edge.

I was completely blown away by Jerry’s map, which we viewed on display against a black floor. I could have stared at the piece for hours and still not absorbed each intricate little detail. I found the piece to be mesmerizing to say the least and look forward to having my own slice of Jerry’s map one day!

Let me know if you’re interested in acquiring a panel of Jerry’s installation. I’d like to help connect you to the artist! 

Image 1

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  1. Aaron says:

    Thanks for taking interest in my father’s map. You caught some great photos!

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