Today has been spent running around and getting last minute errands down for our flight tonight to Paris. I can’t believe our little European holiday is here! It seems like yesterday the plans were being drafted and finalized.

I’ll be spending the next week with my family and M ringing in the New Year in The City of Lights. Stay tuned for a fun line up of posts this week!

Au revoir! 


2 Responses to Jet-setting

  1. Stefanie says:


    Love this pic! It could totally be you & M. Hope y’all have a safe flight and can’t wait to here allll about the trip! Drink lots of champ & eat lots of macaroons for me!!

    XO, Stef
    Life on the Squares

    P.S. check out my new blogroll on LOTS! xx

  2. Stefanie says:

    hear*** all about it

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