Make Your Art Pop

Acquired a new piece and figuring out where to hang it?

Here are a few things you should consider. First, how the piece will look – its presentation and aesthetics – and second is preserving the work, making sure that the materials and techniques used in framing it are of high quality, so that if you choose to sell it someday, it hasn’t lost value due to preservation.

Take a look at this list of tips that’ll ensure your treasured pieces will look good for a lifetime.This thin black frame compliments these drawings well. Also, the gold frame adds a pop of pizazz to the red piece.

Keep the framing simple. The frame shouldn’t be the focal point, it’s purely used to compliment the piece. Let the artwork speak for itself.

Stay away from the sun. The sun’s reflection on a piece, over time, can be harsh on its appearance. If you know your artwork will be directly in the sun’s rays, invest in anti-reflective glass to protect it.

Hang at eye level. Install work lower than expected; so that short, medium and tall people can each enjoy it. Also, art should be able to be appreciated even when a guest is seated.

Strive for a mix. A gallery wall looks sharp in my opinion. Don’t be afraid to add large-scale pieces next to smaller ones. If you have a diverse collection of works of art, you can build a beautiful ensemble on a wall and not follow the more conventional hanging.

Tomorrow I will be showcasing some of my current favorite paintings. Can’t wait for you to see! 

Image 1 / Image 2 / Image 3 / Image 4

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