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Hello cards not quite your thing? 

I had the pleasure of meeting up with a new friend last night, always exciting! Sarah works as a social media specialist at an interactive marketing agency. What’s a social media specialist? Well, Sarah manages a variety of social media outlets for a handful of companies. Impressive.

I’d like to think I’m pretty set with Instagram, but am definitely a lost cause when it comes to staying on top of my Twitter account.

With that knowledge, she passed on some helpful social media pointers for small business owners looking to grow their brand. I’m definitely going to implement these tips going forward.

 Do one really well. Don’t try to dominate every single social media outlet, take the time to manage one superbly.

 Download TweetDeckThis app allows you to Tweet from your computer with ease and flexibility.

 Use Buffer. Upload insightful articles + images to this app and they automatically post them through out the day. So awesome!

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  1. Sarah Mitus says:

    Just saw this! Hope the tips work well for you! :)

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