Not Just a Pretty Face

Simply gorgeous.

I discovered my new favorite wine last night and I’m dying to share the details!

I went to our neighborhood wine store in search of a delicious white wine for our homemade spaghetti dinner. In the process, I stumbled upon the most beautiful rosé bottle. The label depicted a woman lounging in a colorful, European living room, I was immediately sold. I also snagged a white wine by the same maker for our pasta/seafood dish. Although the price is more than I usually go for, the wine was truly amazing and the artwork made it worth every penny!

Both bottles are made by Sonoma County-based Eric Kent Wine Cellars. One of the founders behind the brand, Colleen, went to art school and was interested in combining her passion for wine and art. Each wine label has the artwork of talented, emerging artists. Her husband, Kent, makes the wine and her role is to curate and produce the artistic wine labels. It’s important to them that the artwork compliments the spirit behind each bottle of wine. Hello, dream job!

We’re headed to Sonoma County next month for a wedding and I’ve added Eric Kent Wine Cellars to our must visit list! Looking forward to learning more about this creative duo and drinking more wine falling in love with more artistic labels! 

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