Sooo last night was the premiere of Gallery Girls. My mind was made up that I was tuning in after reading this article from The Daily Beast. I was looking forward to watching this train crash with a glass of wine + numerous eye rolls.

Now at times, I can be the first to indulge in the junk food for the brain (reality television) as much as the next gal, BUT I am sorry, Bravo (Andy Cohen…) has taken it a step too far with this one. Anyone remember NYC Prep??? It felt like these so-called “Gallery Girls” had taken a page from the prepster’s gilded edge textbook. Not a fan.

I was not only dissappointed in how young professionals in the art world were portrayed, but what about the AWFUL portrayal of young women in general. In my opinion, it really seemed like there had been a boom this year of inspiring young females in the spotlight through sites like The Everygirl and The Glitter Guide, then this silly show premiered and it reinforced the naive-party-girl-know-it-all stereotype. Ugh.

We need more women like Taylor Sterling, Alaina Kaczmarski, Danielle Moss and less girls asking, if every day is going to include working (????). Seriously. As a young (and often inspired) biz lady, I pride myself on hopefully coming across as a put together twenty-something (oxymoron?) and was bummed to see one character posing nude because she “liked the attention”.

Steps down from soapbox. 

On a positive note, the concept of End of The Century (the retail + art gallery space) was very innovative and fresh. Also, M thanked me for not being a disaster in a dress. It’s the least I can do.. Trust me. 


  1. Jamie says:

    Let’s see where to start? ::steps up onto soapbox::

    I completely agree with your frustrations. I used to be a hardworking young woman in the arts in NYC (now in DC) and had a lot of (classy) friends who worked very hard 12 hour days to get the experience they needed to be taken seriously. Many of them have advance degrees in their fields and spend a lot of time studying, learning, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

    Also, a note on the opening at The End of Century – if you have customers in your store willing to buy your merchandise, I don’t care who they are, you sell it to them with a smile on your face.

    ::steps down from soapbox. next!::

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