Pretty Humble Abode

Although I’m not particularly crazy about the white end chairs, I do like the mixture of having a bench + stools at a casual dining table. I also like the breakfast eating area and the way they have used their small space. The chevron rug is pretty awesome too!

We’ve taken our time starting the search for a condo, but as the process gains speed you’ll be seeing a lot more inspirational interior posts around here and updates on our progress! I’m using these posts to keep track of places that I’m drawn to and images that I want to use as jumping off points for the style + feel of our new home.

I read about this place in the most recent Boston Magazine Home Edition. The apartment is located in the South End and roughly 1,000 sq. feet. Although I’m hoping our next place provides us with an absolute minimum of 1,000 sq. feet, I was interested to see what they did with the layout of the small space.

To me the home is successful, because although the space is small it still feels airy and not cluttered. I like the clean lines and no frills style of living. It’s also on trend, but still classic and cozy. 

I like the way interior designer, Stephanie Saabe, used the books to color block the space and add a bit of interest. I also like the personal touches of the gallery wall and appreciate how she kept it simple with the black frames. I’m really excited to create a gallery wall in our next space!

This part of the home has a completely different feel, which I really love. In my opinion, a home isn’t suppose to be so cookie cutter. I like the rustic qualities of the table, the funky wallpaper and the layered art, not to mention the emerald pot and plant (right on trend, love it!).

Although the hanging style of the artwork doesn’t necessarily appeal to me. I really am drawn to the pattern mixing with the bed linens and the simplicity of the headboard + lighting combination. I also know that there are  four to many pillows on the bed for my lovely fiance (insert smiley face).

* For more information on the details of this design project, check out the full article here

3 Responses to Pretty Humble Abode

  1. the apartment is super cute, I actually find smaller kitchens like the one above function really well if you stay organized. I had to learn this due to our square footage in Beacon Hill but now I feel like I could whip up a five course meal no problemo in our little space. So flipping loving the last sentence of this blog post – ahhhh – house hunting with your fiance! So many wonderful things to look forward too!!! Congrats Amelia xo

  2. Nikki says:

    FIANCE??!! Congrats lady!!
    Can’t wait to hear about the details when I see you this week.

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