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The textural qualities of this piece mixed with the colour bloc-ing make it one of my favorites from the Affordable Art Fair website. I see this fitting perfectly in a contemporary rustic Vermont home.

I’ve been wanting to check out the Affordable Art Fair in Manhattan ever since I came across the concept last year. A friend, who’s attending on Saturday, reminded me that it opened yesterday in the Chelsea neighborhood and continues until Sunday, the 7th. The concept is ideal for newbie (or even experienced) art collectors. This Art Fair is a unique experience where you can browse through thousands of original paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs at reasonable prices. It’s also pretty awesome that more than half of the work is under $5,000. If you’re in the city during these dates, I highly recommend you check it out and let me know if you scoop up any great deals!

I admire this photograph, but I think it would have been cool if the artist drew or painted on top of the image. It’s such an iconic tower that it would be nice to see it in a mixed media context.

The attention to detail in this mixed media piece is really impressive. It reminds me of something Mark Bradford would create (total artist crush).

The weather has been so dreary here lately, so I figured I’d share A Cup of Jo‘s list of 10 must view documentaries (only one of which I’ve seen). I’ve heard great things about Being Elmo & Happy though, maybe perfect time to check them out later this fall. Hope this brights up your week!  

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