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Wine + champagne list at our NYE dinner!

Since I already discussed my favorite cocktail options earlier in the week, I decided to make today about the tasty eats! You really can’t visit France without discussing the delicious cuisine. I’m excited to share all the great restaurants we experienced. Here are my top picks … 

First night, we took my good friend Kristen’s advice and headed to Ralph’s, the restaurant in the Ralph Lauren store in the chic St. Germain neighborhood. The décor was American elegant in my opinion, dark wood paneling, hunting themed paintings, animal print pillows and leather saddles adorning the walls. The food + drinks were outstanding and the perfect way to kick off our Parisian adventure.

On Friday night, we took another friend’s recommendation and explored the trendy restaurant inside Hotel Costes. I couldn’t get over how spectacular the modern furniture was and how delicious the frites tasted. It’s obvious this hotel oozes sophistication + style and I look forward to having dinner on the lovely terrance next trip. Hands down best place to scope out fashion trends!

M and I had a nice date night that started at Centre Pompidou (an absolute favorite) and finished with a drink at Le Petit Prince and a romantic dinner by the fireplace at Le Coupe Chou. I had read about this restaurant in a magazine and was happy we explored this option. The quaint restaurant was tucked away on a cobblestone side street in the Latin Quarter. I loved the exterior almost as much as the dining area, the facade of overgrown with ivy was so picturesque.

We spent New Year’s Eve dining at the gorgeous restaurant in the Hotel Athenee. The attention to detail, especially around our wine + dinner pairings, made the night extra special. Once again, I was thoroughly impressed by the ambiance! The hundreds of crystals that hung from the chandelier were mesmerizing and the garnish on each plate was so decedent.

The final night, M and I ended the trip at a very French restaurant called Chez Julian. This little, quaint spot was bought and renovated recently by one of the Costes family members. I was instantly a huge fan of the exquisite retro-chic décor like the plush banquettes, white roses, vintage light fixtures and tall mirrors. The view of the Seine was amazing and it felt very Parisian to be walking distance to Notre Dame. Great end to a fabulous trip!

Don’t forget to visit Pierre Herme for macaroons, Kristen was right, much better than Laduree!

Next time around I look forward to visiting Chatomat, Atelier de Robuchon, Spoon, L’Affable, Au passage, 404, and Frenchie of course! 

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  1. Ill save you a lot of Euros & save you from Robuchon – I went there, spent a fortune & the meal was horrible as was the service, it’s an over-hyped place that used to be good. I do want to do bubbly at Cristal Room Baccarat, heard that is amazing!

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