Soak It Up

I’m crazy about the color palette and retro feel of this photo.

Today we’re headed down to Amelia Island, FL for a nice long weekend in the sunshine. I haven’t been since I was a little girl, so I’m looking forward to experiencing the property as an adult. After the amount of snow Boston has gotten in the last month, I can easily say we’ve earned this vacation! I was thrilled to unpack (and then repack) my patterned beach cover ups and leopard sandals (oh, have I missed those beauties!). Although it’s going to be quite a trek to get there (6 am flight down and then a bit of a  drive once we hit Florida), I can’t wait to enjoy a beach side picnic with M (and a stack of magazines).

Hope your weekend is filled with nice downtime and beautiful weather! 

3 Responses to Soak It Up

  1. hope you both have a great time – soak up every glorious second of vacation – you deserve it! see you when you get back!!!

  2. Becca//Petal says:

    I’m so jealous, I could take a weekend of these beautiful blues and lots of sunshine! Hope it was a ball!

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