Stylish Chicago Pad

I really like this blue-grey color palette, it gives the room a relaxed feel. I also like the attention to detail. The tall lamp has such a cool shape, as does the ladder in the opposite corner.

As the house hunt continues so does the interior inspiration! Although we’ve put the search on the back burner until we decide on a wedding venue, we’re anxiously waiting to find that special space we can call ours for the long term. We attended a few open houses recently and found a some really great gems (and in our neighborhood!), but nothing felt quite right. When I saw this home tour on The Everygirl, I knew I needed to remember each detail. Here are a few of my favorite images from the feature that I wanted to make sure I bookmarked. I love the way Alaina mixes patterns and textures in the space, while still maintaining a similar color palette and vibe. That takes talent! 

Love the natural elements included in this shot … the plants, antlers, branches. Beautiful!

I’m really looking forward to having a proper dining area. I love the look of shelves with quirky, personal details. I also like the mis-match concept behind the chairs and table.

Where do you find interior or style inspiration? Blogs? Pinterest? Magazines? 

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