Sun drenched prints

The Green Cap

I was instantly drawn to the color palette represented in this piece (it has given me some fashion inspiration also … red and turquoise striped top, hellllo!). I am not usually a fan of portraits, but the artist makes this print less about the human form, and more about the distinct line quality, bold color, and thoughtful composition.

Reclining Figure/Indian Blank

I love the classic nature of this print, to me it resembles a 60′s Vogue ad. I enjoy pieces that create beauty in the most ordinary of activities and Katz definitely captures the figure in a glowing state. I can only hope I look half as stylish at the beach in my white button down + aviator combo.

I hope you were able to catch this exhibit while it was on display, if not the MFA has done an outstanding job of capturing the prints in a slideshow 

One Response to Sun drenched prints

  1. Olivia B. says:

    I want a print of “The Green Cap” to hang in my room- so great! Love the “Reclining Figure/Indian Blank” as well- definitely agree with your Vogue comment. Loving your blog! Checking it every day :)

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