The Weekend

I’m headed to Sonoma bright and early for a fun wedding weekend at a winery. It’ll be the first wedding I’ve attended since I’ve been engaged and I can’t wait to take note of all the creative details. We have an awesome tour planned with Eric Kent winery before the welcome dinner tonight and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s my first time in Sonoma and I looking forward to soaking up every minute.

We’re ending the festive weekend with a relaxing few days in Napa at Hotel Yountville. I’ve heard outstanding reviews of not only the area, but the hotel and surrounding restaurants. I’m looking forward to exploring this new-to-me neighborhood! Will definitely report back on some of my favorite vineyards, shops and restaurants. Happy weekend! 

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  1. If your in yountville try ad hoc (owned by French laundry) & bodega is awesome! Have fun!!!

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