The Written Word

Friday night I attended the opening reception for On / Sincerity, hosted by 808 Gallery on Commonwealth Avenue. I enjoyed the various mediums represented in this collection (video included), but found myself drawn to the somewhat aggressive messages portrayed in William Powhida’s pieces, especially the email from annoyed well-to-do art dealer, Zach Feuer.

His work continues to be focused on his humorous (and at times brutally honest) critique of the art world and the artists position in the cut throat industry. It’s refreshing to see an artist who addresses such taboo issues and isn’t afraid to lampoon some of the biggest names and institutions in the business.

It’s becoming quite ironic that by exposing the art celebrity culture, he’s becoming a prominent part of it himself. But maybe that was his plan all along!

To view more of his pieces and enlarge the text to get the full idea, visit his blog

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  1. Artguy says:

    I also love his pyramid of the art market and its particpants. He does a great job of balancing the bitterness with humor–are his pieces expensive?

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