Updates and Decisions

I’m happy to finally share that we’ve decided on a few exciting items for our new home (yay!). Going into this fun project, I was certain that I wanted a statement deep navy blue sofa with a classic, yet mid-century feel to it. Thankfully, we were able to find the exact color and shape at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. Almost the very next day, our coffee table was sourced on a successful Brimfield Flea Market trip. It’s just what I had envisioned for the space, a structured wood piece with unique metal details. We’ve also decided to put our new Gray Malin print above the sofa. We chose this specific photograph of the Amalfi Coast because we’ll be honeymooning there next summer, therefore it’ll be the perfect reminder of our romantic getaway. It’ll also be a nice mental vacation during the long, frigid month of February.

Pinterest has been an amazing tool not just for room layout ideas, but for color palette and furniture inspiration. Check out what I’ve recently pinned! 

I love each element in this shot. The luxurious blue and chrome chairs, the wood coffee table and the vibrant piece of artwork.

Although I doubt M would go for it, I like the layered animal print pillows against the blue sofa.

Image / Image / Image

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